The current City Life Church ministry in Haiti began through a friendship between Haitian doctoral student, Joseph Voltaire, and his professor, Dr. Vic Gordon, at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. We at City Life Church have been partnering with Pastor Voltaire and First Baptist Church of Cap-Haitien since 1989. Early trips were to visit the Haitian Baptist Theological Seminary where groups worked with students and churches in Haiti on various projects and Dr. Vic Gordon taught at the school. In the mid-1990's when Joseph became pastor at First Baptist Church of CapHaitien, trips to Haiti began to focus on the following 3 ministries.


  • Various children's ministries, including VBS -
  • Medical ministries -
  • Micro-loan programs


  • Building restoration for Children’s Center -
  • New roof for the church's sanctuary -
  • Bethany Community for widows and orphans -
  • Bethel Community for the poor -
  • Beach-front camp and retreat center

Leadership Development:

  • Dr. Gordon serves on the board at UNCH, the leading seminary in Haiti, where he teaches and mentors students. The aim is to guide and send out excellent pastors and leaders for and foster young, upcoming leaders within seminary.

Mission Trips
At the center of our 30 year relationship with Haiti are the over 100 people from several churches in several states who have participated in and supported these mission trips.

Our ministry in Haiti has always been built on several principles.

  • First, we have no illusions or intentions that we are going to Haiti to solve their problems.
  • Second, we want people to go to Haiti so they can mature in Christ and be more effective followers and witnesses for Christ here at home.
  • Third, we have always held that an important part or our trips is relationship building with the people of Haiti. The thing that blesses them the most is the encouragement of our presence and relational interaction.
  • We have also always emphasized the relationships between the members of the team. Most importantly, the primary question for team members is “What is God saying to me through this trip?” At the heart of our approach has always been relationships.
  • Annual work trips to Haiti are scheduled for January and June.  If you are interested in going to Haiti on a City Life Church trip, please fill out the online connect card and check the "Haiti" box. 

City Life Church typically funds their trips to Haiti as well as donates and ships all building materials and tools to the work sites.  If you would like to support these trips and projects financially you can mail cash or check following the info on our giving page, or you can give online with the following link.


- Text "give" to (620) 842-9967 and it will walk them thru text giving (Please write a note for Haiti)
- Click HERE to give online to Haiti missions. (In the notes sections please write "Haiti")